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How to improve the productivity of cone crusher?

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The size of the productivity is directly related to the benefits of the whole stone production line, and the cone crusher occupy an important position in the stone production line, so it is imperative to improve the productivity of the cone crusher.
The main factor affecting the production capacity of the cone crusher is the nature of the broken material, so the nature of the crushing material should be strictly controlled. The nature of the control material can be started from three aspects: carefully check the material to prevent the entry of hard materials, in the production to prohibit non-crushing into the crushing chamber; control the size of the material size, prohibit the excessive size of the material into the fine powder Content of the material should be sieved in advance; control the moisture content of the material, the water content of the sun, drying and other treatment, so as not to adhere to the material in the crushing chamber wall.
Secondly, you can increase the crushing force of the cone crusher. The spring tightness of the conical crushing also affects the crushing force of the crusher. When the spring pressure is insufficient, the crushing force of the cone is reduced, so that the spring is tight in the production. On the other hand, the crushing force of the cone crusher can be increased by increasing the diameter of the conical breaker fuse and increasing the supply pressure of the hydraulic station.
The structure of the crushing chamber of the final cone crusher also affects the crusher's production capacity. The crushing chamber determines the production efficiency of the cone crusher, the power consumption, the liner wear, the particle size of the product, and so on. Through the improvement of the structure of the crater cavity, the material can form the thick material layer in the crushing chamber, Laminated crushing, improve the material crushing effect, and can increase the number of broken ore in the crushing chamber to achieve the purpose of improving the crusher production capacity.

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