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Correct troubleshooting for cone crusher

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 The customers who have used cone crusher should know that cone crusher load operation requires a period of time then it can be put to work, this time is in order to observe the movement of the crusher, the device has abnormal sound, if any, advance troubleshooting, if you can not deliver the material for normal work.
Sometimes cone crusher will arise jamming, remember do not hand directly to clean, available iron utensils or tools to deal specifically with the blockage, if necessary, temporarily close the transfer mechanism, the bulk material to be crushed or cleaned continue to work.
When cone crusher is at work, the temperature is monitored whether their work is an important indicator. Observations thermometer can often be manually check the temperature is too high, 60 ℃ vigilance bearing temperature, when the temperature is higher than this when the need to customize their work, and carefully examined. At the same time, it meets the standard lubrication is also important to monitor the matter.
When cone crusher is at work, tend to occur in many unexpected circumstances, in order to reduce the probability of occurrence of the situation, it would regulate the operation of the operator must be guaranteed. Regulate the operation not only to avoid occurrence of failure, but also to ensure the safety of the operator, and also be able to extend the life of the crusher.
Cone crusher at work or not should have good care, because good maintenance can allow lower operating costs crusher, but also to provide a safe working environment for the operator, the maintenance of equipment is very important.

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