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Mining equipment is gradually environmental protection and large-scale

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In recent months, air quality of Zhengzhou is very bad, many polluting factories and mines have been ordered to suspend production for rectification, especially small ore processing industry directly ordered to s* production, which makes the ore processing industry has undergone a major reshuffle of the phenomenon, which ore processing equipment manufacturing industry is also a test of the equipment needed to produce more environmentally friendly in order to be accepted by the market.
Large-scale mining equipment, large development has become the * developments in the direction of the mining machinery industry, because large-scale mining and crushing machinery generally have strong, high degree of automation and productivity, streamline processes and ease of management features, so it can meet factories increasing scale of production, reduce production costs, reduce energy consumption, improve labor productivity and economic efficiency, therefore, mining machinery and equipment in recent years has been large-scale development.
With the global economy over the monopoly of mineral resources, mineral resources and will also lead to the development of machinery tends to large-scale development. As in the field of mining crusher, mineral resources, the traditional small and medium crushing grinding Process of crushing and screening equipment can not meet the actual needs of the development of large-scale production, the yield on some large mines have become increasingly demanding, large crushing ratio, high production capacity and high degree of automation equipment crushing more and more large manufacturers welcome. Therefore, the production and processing of mineral resources, the urgent need for research and development of new and efficient large-scale mining equipment, has become the * large-scale mining machinery industry development direction.
Environmental mentioning growing, mining machinery manufacturing enterprises will also be green carbon into their own kind of attitude towards life. With the development of income for the majority state-owned mining resources, as well as residents for the survival of an increasing number of green environmental requirements, mining machinery and equipment will also embark on science and technology energy-saving, environmental protection of the road.

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