Which crusher to choose for quartz stone processing?

 Which crusher is suitable for quartz stone crushing? Many customers called to consult this issue, quartz has high stability, hardness is relatively large, the traditional crusher is likely to cause wear and tear, and the yield is not high, Jiaozuo Zhongxin introduced multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher can achieve a good quartz stone crushing.
Currently on the market there are many manufacturers produce cone crusher, but type, specification naming are very different. Each model of the cone crusher broken material are the difference. For quartz stone crushing, the user would be best with professional and technical personnel to do timely communication, choose the most suitable crushing equipment.
Commonly cone crusher has two external structure is similar to the internal structure there is a huge difference. Zhongxin has two hydraulic cone crusher, one of which is fixed on the spindle rack, spindle eccentric rotation as the core, while driving the moving cone do spin pendulum movement, which is often called multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher; the other is moving cone spindle and one spindle and the moving cone to do together as the core eccentric spin pendulum movement, this is a single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.




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