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How to ensure that the particle size of the cone crusher

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The size of the cone crusher processing materials directly determines the efficiency of enterprises, the price of good grain type size is relatively high, so the selection of equipment material quality is also a major issue of interest to users, it has also become the criteria of user to judge the quality of the equipment, below we understand the next part of the device which determines the quality of the material.
Learn the cone crusher which affect the particle size, we choose equipment for maintenance equipment is late or very useful. Firstly, with the gap cone crusher eccentric member, if the size of the nesting population is less than the size of the gap will make the dynamic cone and fixed cone liner lining collide, which causes wear and tear of equipment, when such equipment at work certainly not to the quality of the material you want, so we need to pay attention when installing the equipment, we must allow our professional staff to install.
Followed by cone crusher motor vertebra is one reason for the expected size of the impact, if movable vertebral instability will cause the material to run with different size, the proportion of such materials to meet the requirements will be reduced; the last is the shape of the liner, it is required for adjusting the physical properties as well as the actual production of broken material, which can be adjusted according to your actual production experience, you can also consult our manufacturers to ensure that you discharge particle size.

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