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Pay attention to basalt crusher selection

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 Basalt has a strong resistance to stress, etc., they are used for roads, etc., while basalt has higher hardness, we should also note some problems when we choose basalt crusher.
1, sealing method is reliable or not
Basalt crusher has replaced the seal water seal used in the past, so that dust can not enter the body of impurities, thus ensuring clean lubricating oil, extending the sliding bearing, thrust ball bearing service life, making the machine operation reliable.
2, it can automatically adjust the size of the discharge opening
Basalt crusher has hydraulic system hydraulic system to adjust the crusher mine mouth can effectively ensure safe operation of equipment. When the crusher cavity has foreign body, hydraulic system using a cone automatically next retreat, when the foreign matter is discharged, the system enables dynamic cone automatically next retreat reset. Again to maintain the original location of discharge to continue working.
3 crusher wall easily replaced
The basalt crusher broken wall equipped with card sheath, put the bolt from the * with broken wall fixed. By crushing wall is fixed hydraulic nut fastening under the broken wall on the back do not need to add any filler material, so replacement fast speed, reduce labor intensity.
4, simple manual adjustment of discharge port
Basalt crusher high voltage displacement sensor, adjust the position of discharge port is performed in the operating room. As long as a button, there is displayed on the operating table, you can see the need to adjust the discharge mine mouth size, very convenient and accurate.

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