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Hydraulic cone crusher feature

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 The advent of the hydraulic system further strengthened the position irreplaceable cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher is favored by the users as soon as it launched the market, but we are in the process of using some of the details still need to pay attention, so as to better play the new cone crusher advantages.
Let us briefly know about the benefits of lower hydraulic cone crusher, * joined the hydraulic system, making the production capacity of the apparatus becomes higher grain yields have become better type; secondly is the advantage is to regulate the discharge opening This work has become simpler, the use of hydraulic motor can adjust the discharge port with a load, it is easy to adjust the broken circuit so as to achieve a balance of production, excluding the previous manual adjustment of trouble; multiple protection inside, effectively avoid accidents and man-made For a host of operational errors damage.
We use hydraulic cone crusher, we also need to pay attention to some details, so as to ensure efficient production equipment. We want to break the preferred material for the right choice crushing chamber, second is to control the feeding amount, too many words likely to cause blocking material, not only yield, but also damage to the equipment, in the end, when we should pay attention to the feed 360 degree distribution, which is related with cone crusher working principle.
Have good habits in order to maximize cone crusher, in the course of the manufacturers must strictly abide by the advice given, if you encounter any problems during use, you can inquire us.

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