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Analysis of the causes of material jam in sand making machine

Time: 2023-03-14 10:42:11

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The sand making machine is the ore crushing equipment of the sand and gravel plant. When using it, it often encounters the problem of material jam. The material jam means that the material cannot be discharged in the equipment, resulting in blockage. If the equipment is jammed, it will not only cause the equipment to fail. Work will also affect the progress of subsequent production work, so what are the factors that cause material jams during the production of sand making machines?

sand making machine

1. Problems with the equipment itself

The model of the sand making machine is also the key to the material jam. You must consult the relevant technical personnel according to your actual situation, determine the material to be crushed, and then choose the appropriate type of equipment.

2. The material has high water content

If the water content of the materials processed by the sand making machine is too large, after entering the equipment and being crushed, it will adhere to the inner wall of the equipment, which will cause material jams. Therefore, the water content of the materials entering the equipment must be controlled to avoid jamming material phenomenon.

3. The material is too hard or the particle size is too large

If the hardness of the material exceeds the tolerance range of the equipment or the particle size is large, it will also cause the equipment to jam. Therefore, the size and hardness of the crushed material must be controlled within the processing range of the equipment.

4. The feeding speed is too fast

When the conveying speed of the material is fast, the sand making machine cannot crush and discharge the material in time, resulting in overloading of the equipment, which leads to the occurrence of material blocking. Therefore, when feeding, it is necessary to control the uniformity and continuity of the material. Resilience, reducing the probability of equipment jamming.

5. The tightness of the V-belt is not appropriate

The main function of the V-belt is to transmit the power generated by the motor to the sheave, and then crush the stone. If the V-belt is too loose or slips, the rotation of the sheave will be abnormal, and the crushing force on the material will be weakened. A material jam occurs within the device.

6. Improper adjustment of the discharge port

When the sand making machine is in production, if there is a deviation in the adjustment of the discharge port, the discharge speed will slow down, and the crushed materials will accumulate in the equipment, causing material jams.

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