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Solution to oil dumping in cone crusher

Time: 2024-03-22 09:23:42

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1. Check the sealing device: The sealing device of the cone crusher is a key component to prevent lubricating oil leakage. Sealing device failure may be caused by aging, wear, improper installation or design defects of the sealing material. The wear of the O-ring sealing ring between the transmission shaft frame and the main frame, the nylon sealing ring between the oil collector and the oil slinger, and the O-ring sealing ring between the oil slinger ring and the transmission shaft should be checked regularly, and the wear conditions should be checked in time. Replace severely worn seals.

2. Clean the oil return pipe: Blockage of the oil return pipe may also cause the cone crusher to throw away oil. The dirt in the main oil drain hose or pipe, as well as the dirt in the long hole of the transmission shaft frame under the transmission shaft, should be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth flow of oil.

3. Adjust the oil return hole of the bowl-shaped tile: If the oil return hole of the bowl-shaped tile of the cone crusher is too small, the lubricating oil will leak out, and the oil return volume will be small, and good lubrication cannot be guaranteed. The bowl-shaped tile oil return hole can be appropriately enlarged to ensure the oil return volume and solve the problems of oil leakage from the cone crusher bowl-shaped tile and poor lubrication of the bevel gear.

cone crusher

cone crusher

4. Adjust the working pressure: The lubricating oil enters the lower part of the main shaft from the oil inlet pipe and collides with the lubrication friction plate. If the working pressure of the cone crusher lubrication system is improper, the oil will be ejected from the shaft gap, causing lubricating oil leakage. The working pressure should be adjusted to ensure it is within the appropriate range.

5. Check the hydraulic system: For multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, check whether the hydraulic system is working properly and ensure that each hydraulic component is tightly connected, well sealed, and does not leak oil. At the same time, check whether the valves and oil pipes are aged or loose, and replace abnormally worn or aged parts in a timely manner.

6. Check the overload protection mechanism: Check whether the overload protection mechanism of the crusher is working properly. You can consider installing hydraulic buffers and other methods to increase the buffer protection mechanism of each cylinder to reduce the impact force of the crusher during operation and reduce oil throwing. Phenomenon.

Through the above inspection and adjustment, the problem of oil throwing in the cone crusher can be solved. At the same time, in order to maintain the good operating condition of the equipment, regular maintenance and upkeep should be carried out to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment.

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