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Why does the cone crusher make noise during operation?

Time: 2024-03-20 09:37:33

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The reasons for the noise produced by the cone crusher during operation may include the following points:

1. Inertial force: The cone crusher will generate inertial force during operation, which may cause impact vibration in the crusher, thereby causing noise.

cone crusher
cone crusher

2. Fitting clearance problem: There is a fitting clearance between various components of the cone crusher, such as the main shaft and cone bushing, eccentric bushing and frame bushing, etc. If these gaps are too large or too small, they may affect the stability of the equipment, causing the machine body to vibrate and produce noise. A gap that is too large may cause the operation to lose stability, while a gap that is too small may cause a shaft holding incident.

3. Component processing accuracy: If the processing accuracy of cone crusher components is not high or unqualified, it will affect the operation of the equipment. During use, these parts may produce noise due to friction.

4. Failure problem: If the cone crusher fails, such as non-crushed objects entering the crushing cavity, belt deviation or host imbalance, etc., it may produce noise during high-speed operation.

In order to reduce the noise during the operation of the cone crusher, the following measures can be taken:

1. Ensure that the large and small bevel gears of each component of the cone crusher are correctly meshed to eliminate reciprocating sliding and impact between gears to extend the service life of the gears and reduce noise.

2. Adjust the matching clearances between the cone crusher main shaft and cone bushing, eccentric bushing and frame bushing to ensure that they are within a reasonable range to reduce vibration and noise.

3. Improve the processing accuracy of cone crusher components and ensure uniform contact surfaces to reduce friction and noise.

These are just some possible causes and solutions. In actual operation, analysis and processing should be carried out according to specific circumstances. If the noise problem persists or cannot be resolved by yourself, it is recommended to contact a professional maintenance personnel for inspection and repair.

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