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How to choose cone crusher reasonable?

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If you are looking for related products or have any other questions, do not hesitate to call our sales line or click on the right button to request a quote online. Phone:+0086-371-67660555, Whatsapp/Wechat:+0086-13676922906, Email:sales@zxcrusher.com
 With the development of cone crusher market, cone crusher types and models are constantly increasing, how to choose the * suitable cone crusher from a number of equipment becoming a thing * headaches for many users, the choice of models is very favorable for its own production, it can maximize the efficiency of the equipment. How exactly does that selection? Let me introduce it to you.
Firstly, look at what materials you need to process, such as humidity and hardness, if hardness in general, such as limestone crushing, you can choose an ordinary cone crusher can be achieved, and the yield is also , the price is not expensive, if it is high hardness materials, such as river gravel, etc., the * choice is hydraulic cone crusher, this crusher uses a laminated, can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the device. Humidity is done mainly to see the cone crusher Max humidity is how much, good control to your material moisture, if necessary, you need for drying, and if it was not treated, it can affect yields.
Secondly, make sure the capacity you need, different output matching different entire production line, if you only consider the cone crusher yield, regardless the entire production line yield, if it is too large, then it will cause delivery is not timely and downtime, which is very affecting the yield of your entire production line. Select the cone crusher output is too small, then wasteful means the entire production line.
    Usually when we purchased the equipment we must clear both of them, and directed to the production of different materials, different requirements of the expected size, it will result in different cone crusher production, which are within the normal range. If you need cone crusher or the entire production line, you can consult us, we have professional technical engineers for your typing.

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