Symons cone crusher application in sand and gravel market

 With advanced technology and equipment in the development of slag and steel slag processing, the latest WKS Symons cone crusher and efficient high pressure medium speed mill is an ideal device for recycling waste, the effective utilization of the two devices to improve slag utilization. Moreover, the production of iron and steel scrap steel is the only substitute for iron ore raw materials. Therefore, the development of crushing and grinding equipment Diamond slag has good development prospects, it will directly promote the recycling of recovered slag.
Symons cone crusher crushing chamber using the unique shape and laminated crushing principle, resulting in crushing effect between the particles, so that the finished product significantly increased the proportion of the cube, flake stone needles reduced grain size more uniform, unique dust seal structure, reliable sealing effect, effectively extending the service life of the replacement cycle and parts lubricants. The cone crusher play a key role in the industrial waste recycling in addition, it is even more unique in Aggregate market because of its unique product grain type.
In the crushing of the slag processing is to select Select corrosion resistance, specifically to resist hard materials crusher. Through in-depth study of material properties and slag crushing principle the introduction of a new type of Symons cone crusher, This series is designed for high hardness materials developed, reliable, superior performance, depending on the particle size of the slag to choose the crushing chamber for the slag, ultra-crushing and other different processing modes.




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