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How to improve the efficiency of sand making machines through structure and principles

Time: 2024-01-30 09:58:38

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Sand making machines are widely used to crush various ores, rocks and concrete, and their working efficiency directly affects the project progress and cost. Therefore, how to improve the working efficiency of sand making machine?
Sand making machines
Sand making machines

1. Structure and working principle of sand making machine

1. Structure

The sand making machine is mainly composed of a feed hopper, a distributor, a vortex chamber, an impeller, a base, and a transmission device. Among them, the impeller is the core component of the sand making machine, and its design directly affects the sand making effect.

Let’s look at how to improve the working efficiency of the sand making machine from the structure and related principles.

  2. Working principle

When the sand making machine is working, the motor drives the impeller to rotate at high speed through the transmission device. After the material enters the sand making machine from the feed hopper, it is impacted, rubbed and sheared by the high-speed rotating impeller, causing the material to be crushed. At the same time, the material distributor divides the material into two parts, one part enters the vortex chamber for re-crushing, and the other part is discharged directly. After multiple crushings, the material reaches the required particle size and is discharged from the sand making machine.

sand making machine

2. How to improve the efficiency of sand making machine through structure and principle

1. Optimize the design of the feeding device: ensure uniform and continuous material supply and avoid affecting the crushing efficiency due to too much or too little feed. For example, the use of vibrating feeders can improve the stability and continuity of feeding.

2. Improve the structure of the crushing cavity: By increasing the volume of the crushing cavity, the amount of material processed at a time can be increased, thereby improving the overall crushing efficiency. At the same time, reasonable design of the shape of the crushing cavity can reduce the residence time of materials in the cavity and speed up the crushing speed.

3. Choose appropriate rotor and impact block materials: Using rotors and impact blocks made of highly wear-resistant materials can extend the service life of the equipment, reduce the number of repairs, and thus improve work efficiency. At the same time, optimizing the design of the rotor, such as increasing the number of hammer heads or improving their shape, can improve the crushing efficiency.

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