According to the characteristics of material select sand making machine

Sand making machine is a special equipment for producing gravel in sand production line. Sand making machine is mainly used for processing gravel raw materials such as building materials and provides good protection for construction sand. With the development of the times, sand making machine model is also more and more.

The increasingly perfect sand making machine production equipment model, so that many users can not choose a good sand machine for their own machinery and equipment, Jiaozuo Zhongxin China Machinery Co., Ltd. here to remind users of sand making machine should be selected according to the processing of materials to select.

In the sandstone processing process should be noted that if the local raw material content of mud or humidity can not be too large, it will cause some damage to the sand making machine, if the clay content is high, the use of sand washing machine equipment Sandstone simple cleaning and screening.

In addition, the sand making machine also has certain requirements on the properties of the material, grain type and grain size. If the material is too thin or too large, it is likely to cause uneven feeding and blockage phenomenon.




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