What Parts Should be Maintained for Stone Crusher

Stone crusher, the most preferred rock crushing equipment, is used as the main equipment in production. So when using stone crusher, we can not ignore the maintenance for key parts of crusher. In order to remind most of us pays attention to it, and today we shall introduction the main parts of the stone crusher that need maintenance.

In the production process, we usually encounter a variety of problems in stone crusher, but our most commonly is like this: bearing lubrication and abrasion of the liner. Insufficient lubrication and dirty grease may cause bearing damage, while the bearing is the source of the entire production line, so that we should be concerned about bearing lubrication. Bearing lubrication inspection is very important. Lining plate plays a crucial role in the grinding process, and the quality of it is related to the quality of the finished product. Therefore, we must pay attention to the two problems above.

In order to ensure the normal operation of stone crushers, and make full use of the production capacity, we should always pay attention to the maintenance and regular maintenance besides normal operations. Zhongxin Heavy Industry, as professional production of stone crusher manufacturers, has extensive experience in the maintenance of its key parts. Service hotline: 0086-371-67660555.






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