Ball mill machinery lubrication system failure

To ensure that pressure equipment control shaft and bearings of ball mill oil film must be provided with sufficient lubricant. Oil supply is inadequate or interrupted, it will affect the formation of oil-film, lead to ball mill hollow shaft and bearing the direct contact between metals, friction intensified, cause bearing overheating and burning failed.
Main bearing lubrication system of ball mill equipment failure there are two main reasons:
1, oil filter or oil pipeline was damaged by debris blocked or gear pump parts, standby system was not up and running in a timely manner, resulting in less oil in pipeline loop or break, affecting film formation.
2,Bearing design of relay protection in high temperature alarm device malfunction or unreasonable, lubrication system failure cannot be show abnormal changes in a timely manner and take effective measures, and Bush burning.
Temperature measurement of bearing temperature monitor alarm device from bearing alloy lined position inappropriate, installed in the iron casting bearing alloy layer below.The test temperature is not an accurate reflection of hollow shaft and bearing temperature.





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