Equipment problems in the production of ball mill

1,Quality of product: ball mill's equipment during the manufacturing process, with the drum rotation, by force of weight drop, the granularity size when, unable to control ore particle size range. Processing a quality uneven.
 2,Electricity: production and processing equipment of ball mill power consumption itself tends to grow larger, greater quality, coupled with the ore body together with its rotation, and requires a large motor-driven. In meeting the work requirements of these rules should try to choose a power of the motor.
 3, produces noise: stone rolls up and down in a roller and cylinder collision, coupled with constant movement up and down within the steel ball in the roller and roller, ore, liner plate collision. Ball mill is running an intense noise, noise level pass in 105~115dB (a). Ball mill in the production of noise should be kept to control and eliminate.
 4, equipment wear: mainly composed of steel ball and lining Board of ball mill, because the steel ball and lining Board of ball mill is driven by collisions between milled ore, ball mill's material consumption is large.




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