Cone crusher is a better choice artificial marble crushing

 Marble has beautiful color and smooth texture, deeply loved by building decorators, usually we see the marble in the decoration market is artificial marble, artificial marble made of marble broken after the formation process, and cone crusher is most advantageous marble processing equipment.
The main material in Artificial marble production is small pieces of natural marble, but marble has relatively high hardness, very difficult to crush, but cone crusher is different, it uses a warehouse full feed, to achieve a unique particle laminated crushing, very suitable for processing high hardness materials. And we introduced the new hydraulic cone crusher, a perfect combination of speed and stroke and improve the crushing ratio, thus crushing efficiency has improved a lot, very practical cost-effective.
Crusher faced with higher hardness of stone, so the wear is more powerful, these crushers' life is not long, it became a malady of all crusher. Zhongxin hydraulic cone crusher is a very good change of this phenomenon, our wear parts inside the device uses a wear-resistant material, and added protective measures to ensure that the life of wearing parts. Operation designed using the latest iron protection device has fixed discharge opening returning to the point, to ensure that other non-iron crushed material can be quickly restored to its original position through the crushing chamber rear discharge opening.
Typically this type of marble aggregate production are broken need the entire production line help, cone crusher is one of the links, usually requires complex jaw broken, impact crusher crusher etc., Zhongxin Heavy Industries and a professional technical engineers to provide you with a complete production lines tailored to welcome you to inquire.




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