The Relevant Knowledge about Hydraulic Adjustment System of Cone Crusher

The adjustment of cone crusher is to adjust the discharging size of cone crusher in order to satisfy our requirement on finished granularity of cone crusher.
The adjustment of discharging port of the traditional cone crusher is mainly pointing to the mechanical adjustments.
Hydraulic adjustment firstly is to make locking cylinder being unlocked and filled with oil, and then to lift the pawl work, using hydraulic cylinder to push the adjustment cap which can boost the rotation of adjustment sets, and then using the trapezoidal thread between the supporting sleeve and adjustment set to adjust the gap between rolling acetabular wall and broken walls can adjust the size of discharging port.
Hydraulic locking and adjusting device replace the traditional steel rotating and adjustment of rod locking set. It provides the conditions for the remote control. Although the system is optional, but it applies to all kinds of crusher. This system can support the new machine, also can be used with older machines. Various adjustments can be achieved by electric hydraulic station. Adjustment set locking can be automatically maintained by the locking cylinder.
Using the handle or button on hydraulic station to remove the locking force of locking cylinder when adjusting the discharging port. The returning of the handle and button can automatically prove locking force. Adjustment cap can be rotated by the gnawing teeth of driving ring and pushing cylinder in order to get the required discharging port. The locking mechanism of ratchet type adjustment sleeve can automatically retracted with these teeth after being pushed to pushing cylinder, which can maintain the same discharging port before adjusting discharging port next time.




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