Cone Crusher Machine New System Hydraulic Tightening Clean

Zhongxin pay great attention to crushing equipment cleaning, delivery was also prepared. Despite the precautions taken, but will also have impurities into the hydraulic system during the transportation and installation. Especially during installation, to the dirt, rags, wood, paint and rust particles and other impurities affect the system work into the system provides opportunities, so in the machine after the installation, before use, the system must be thoroughly cleaned.

Crusher production should be performed before the following cleaning work
1.Check the fuel tank and other internal space contamination or Whether exist impurities. Using manual methods, such as hands, brush box lint free cloth to scrub and so carefully remove all impurities. On large machines, if the site installation or    pipeline welding or in drilling and tapping pipelines or machine, carefully clean the pipe scale, welding spatter, thread lubricant, excess sealant; metal debris and rubble.
2.In the manufacturers asked the oil flushing but did not specify the place, usually by the humidity viscosity lubricating oil, without solvent flushing according to a previously presented method:
3.If the washing oil is the realization of circulation with the common pump, should adopt the same viscosity lubricating oil and normal operation.
4.The flushing process, should be installed in an appropriate capacity pump suction mouth of the fine screen to prevent abrasive particles from entering the system.
5.If you can use a separate drive pump for flushing, may consider the use of low viscosity oil flushing. After washing, immediately discharged. And take all necessary measures, eliminate all flushing oil.
6.Check the filter cylinder and oil inlet filter cleaning, clean or replace if necessary. The filter cover also should be cleaned.
7.System after careful inspection and cleaning, in accord with the specified parameters and number of hydraulic oil.




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