Jaw Crusher Operation And Maintenance

The prepare working before crusher start_up:

Check_up the lubricate of axletree;knee plate and adjust the contact of knee plate’ mat,it’s have enough lube between keen plate mat or not.
Adjust all fastener fiemly.
Adjust grooved pulley’center position is all right.The right position is the smallest vibration of this machine.
Adjust transmission strap installed all right,if you find some damnify of strap,you must replacing in time.You must rub-up with duster cloth when strap and grooved pulley miry.
Adjust defend setting is all right,if you find insecurity,eliminate as soon as possible.

Start-up the crusher:

You can star-up after check up machine ad transmission parts is all right.
This machine must star-up under no burthen..
You must stop if you find abnormality.Must check up and eliminate abnormality,after all that star-up the crusher.

Use of the breaker:

Begin to throw the material after running well.
The broken supplies are joined in broken evenly,avoid the side and feeds in raw material or piled and feed in raw material in check,in order to prevent unilateral overload,load sudden change or block.

In case of normal job,the tempreature change of the bearing should not exceed 30 degrees Centigrade,maximum temperature can’t exceed 70 degrees Centigrade.Should park immediately when exceed 70 degrees Centigrade,find out the reason and get rid of.

Should stop feeding in raw material at first before parking,after the broken supplies in broken are all discharged,can shut off the motor.
In the brokenness when caused by that supplies are blocked in broken and part,should shut off the motor immediately,can start the breaker again after removing the supplies.
If one end of the fixed jaw plate and movable plate is worm-out,user can replace one end by the other.
The breaker is used some time later,should fasten all fasteners again.


For guarantee normal operation of machine and lengthen service life,should the fixed note oil is lubricated.
It should be 50%-70% of the volume to put into the lubricating grease in the pedestal,change onece every 3-6 months.Use position,such as one,etc.Of rolling that clean petrol or kerosene wash the roller bearing carefully while changing the lubricating grease,should open to put the oil-hole pedestal when washing.
This machine adopts the lubricating grease and should be decided according to conditions,such as area,climate where the machine use,etc,can generally adopt calcium base,sodium base lubricating grease.When the lubricating grease is drier,can use after mediating with rare oil and lubricating grease.
Knee and knee cushion take while assembling or overhaul only,office add the right amount lubricating grease to joint its.




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