What damage has voltage instability brought to cone crusher

 Cone crusher belongs to high-power electrical devices, if the power supply voltage instability is likely to cause damage to the equipment, but in the customer's actual production, due to site conditions and other factors, it often have unstable power supply situation, what does that unstable power supply to the cone crusher? Zhongxin technician tells you.
Feed unevenness is most likely caused by unstable power supply failure, it will cause the cone crusher eccentric motion and transmission equipment are several major consequences. The feed has been uneven, it is likely to cause the accumulation of material in the crushing chamber and the discharge mouth, it will lead to boring car failure, we should be promptly removed material buildup, if we were able to do so, it can replace a stable job production powered devices.
If you encounter problems on-site power supply shortage or voltage instability problems, how do we respond? The eccentric sleeve and loosening can cause the machine can not operate normally, we can re-tighten the eccentric shaft bushing, if eccentric shaft adapter casing is damaged, the need to replace the eccentric shaft adapter sleeve; and belt slip, should adjust the voltage, and appropriately adjust the tightness of the transmission belt.
In daily production we try to ensure stable power supply cone crusher, which can effectively protect the production efficiency of the equipment, specializing in the production Zhongxin Heavy cone crusher, you are welcome to consult our detailed product information.




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