The difference between hydraulic single-cylinder and multi-cylinder cone crusher

 Hydraulic Cone Crusher is the latest crusher of Zhongxin, hydraulic system makes the internal use of the output larger, and the use of hydraulic motor can adjust the discharge port with a load, it is easy to adjust the crusher circuit to reach balanced production, so that the cone crusher crushing efficiency could achieve the better. There are single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder two categories, there are some differences between them, but how to choose? Zhongxin answers for you detailed below.

Firstly, we can understand that the difference between them is the number of hydraulic cylinders, single cylinder is only one, and multi-cylinder has a plurality of hydraulic cylinders, up to four, usually more cylinder case, the force of the machine will be more literally large crushing capacity will be stronger. Users might ask, since the multi-cylinder cone crusher crushing ratio is high why we produce single-cylinder one? Let's learn more about the under both their respective advantages.

The first is the crushing effect of the two different stroke single cylinder cone crusher less than multi-cylinder, so the single-cylinder cone crusher can crusher single grain material, if the material is broken between particles you need to select a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher ; followed by the different energy consumption, it is clear that the multi-cylinder is greater than the energy consumption single-cylinder, and both can be broken down if the material you need, circumstances, or select single cylinder would be more energy-efficient; the last is Easy replace damaged parts, cone crusher wear parts wear and tear will seriously affect productivity, but single-cylinder cone crusher replacement of wearing parts are more difficult to replace.

In summary, we can find a single-cylinder and multi-cylinder cone crusher each have their own advantages and scope, if you want or need to buy a hydraulic cone crusher according to your own requirements, to see which better suits your needs, and you can also consult the Xin Heavy Industries.




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