Zhongxin teaches you how to solve cone crusher noise and high-temperature fault

 Recently some customers asked cone crusher noise and bearing temperature are too high, do not know the problem after checking, thereby affecting the normal operation of the cone crusher. Zhongxin Heavy according to customers reflect the situation and made the following summary, hope it can help the user.
Firstly is abnormal sound occur in cone crusher, if the reason is not be broken material put into the device cavity, we need to clean up the crushing chamber; if the reason is because the internal parts loose, we need to carefully check the tightness of the device screws, and promptly tighten ; if the reason is because the internal components of the cone crusher broken, we must promptly replace damaged parts.
Secondly is cone crusher bearing temperature too high, this failure is normally provided by the lubricant or bearing damage caused the matter, such as the lack of lubricating, oil is dirty. If it is lubricating oil problems, you need to refuel or oil change, if the damage caused by bearing before bearing temperature is too high, you need timely replace bearings.
If you have met some problems which you can not solve, you can inquire us, I have a professional technical staff for you to solve difficult problems.




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