Zhongxin teaches you how to care for cone crusher bearings

 Cone crusher equipment bearing is equal to the equipments' "heart", mainly to provide power for the device and load support, its performance directly affects the level of efficiency cone crusher, so good bearing maintenance is a very important work, then the maintenance bearing all what needs to be done? Zhongxin professional and technical staff tells you.
Firstly is the inspection for cone crusher bearings, it is best to have a dedicated technical staff to check every day for bearings, especially the newly installed equipment, thus avoiding loosening. Note that in addition to the wear of the bearing, you need for timely replacement of badly worn, and the other is to check the temperature to avoid too low, timely maintenance to extend the life of the equipment.
Secondly is cone crusher bearing cleaning, cone crusher is mainly used for crushing all kinds of ores, the environment will make the bearing surface accumulated a lot of dirt, which requires us to do timely cleanup.
The final step is production efficiency cone crusher lubrication, bearings is closely related to the level of the crusher, to protect the bearing chamber is very necessary. Oil is to note the injection must be clean and sealed to be good, too much or too little lubricant injection is not advisable.
Jiaozuo Zhongxin professional engineers remind you that you should pay attention to some problems of the cone crusher in the process of using it, so as to effectively avoid big problems.




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