Dust collector effect for cone crusher

Cone crusher has high wear resistance, so its material scope is very wide, it was loved and respected by customers. But we are aware of a major drawback mining equipment - pollution, how to reduce pollution has become the primary problem, to add a dust collector on cone crusher is a very good choice.
Cone crusher is rely on each other to complete the broken, in the cone and constantly moving toward and away from the vertebral process will produce a lot of upward flow, the dust generated in the process will be broken with the airflow blown air. This will pollute the environment, but coupled with dust collector can be the perfect solution to this problem, so that our plant can operate normally, avoiding it was halted due to pollution.
The worse weather making polluters mining industry also suffered a huge challenge, Zhongxin Heavy Industries has taken the lead to make a change, eco-friendly cone crusher was constantly updated, and ensuring environmental protection, but also to ensure that the equipment energy-saving high-yield, interior design has also done a consideration to facilitate the replacement of the maintenance for other accessories.
Only by asist to environmental protection, our business can go further, which is also Zhongxin has been convinced idea, whether from the performance, production as well as environmental protection our cone crushers are worth to buy, welcome to inquire.




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