Which crusher is the more suitable for granite crushing?

 Granite is a kind of ore crushed material which is difficult to be crushed, but somewhat easier to break than basalt, granite, although this is due to the high hardness, but there is a certain degree of brittleness. Granite is a very common building material, because of its hardness is relatively large, the surface smooth and beautiful patterns gradually become various kind of high-grade building materials and architectural decoration. Common crusher is clearly unable to meet the high demand of granite, which you need to select a large yield of cone crusher.
Cone crusher models are varied, the more commonly cone crusher are these three types: Hydraulic cone crusher, multi-cylinder cone crusher and spring cone crusher. Cone crusher working principle is made of good design,  when crushing high hardness materials it is not excessive wear. In addition, another point is the cone crusher high yield.
General mining machine manufacturers would prefer to use jaw and impact crusher configuration, this configuration is the more common and more cost-effective to have. But for granite, such a configuration is often difficult to bring about the desired results, the hardness of granite plates hammer crusher will cause great wear and tear, which will require investors to keep replacement of wearing parts, replacement of wearing member not only greatly reduce the production efficiency has also increased the cost of investment, while cone crushers alternative back-breaking is the best choice.
Jiaozuo Zhongxin main products various crushers, such as the hardness of granite for a large ore crushing materials, we have developed a new type of cone crusher, it has a great advantage, you are welcome to inquire.




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