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Hydraulic Cone Crusher Repair And Maintenance

Time: 2023-02-10 16:46:00

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Hydraulic Cone Crusher is widely used in the mining industry. It is an important regular work for cone crusher repair and maintenance, so that it should have full-time personnel for operation and maintenance, etc.

The design of Hydraulic Cone Crusher is , so that the machine repair rate is very low, but some daily small problems can be solved by themselves without any help from manufacturer, shorten repair time, save repair costs, but also ly improve the capacity of production. As to small problems of cone crusher while working, let’s talk about how to repair by workers.

1.Why the cone crusher will suddenly s* at work?
it may caused by voltage instability, along with the excessive feeding large amount material into cavity, they may result in material s*page.

2.Why the machine capacity can meet the standard before delivery?
Check the motor, and then replace the motor connecting wiring. Adjust discharge opening to the nominal specification and increase cone crusher for fine crushing. Check the wearing size of cavity, if it doesn’t meet the standard requirement, then replace one set of wearing part.  Increase voltage at job site, so as to adapt to the requirements of the main machine overloading;  whether it needs to replace the bearings or impeller in cone crusher chamber.

3.Why there is abnormal impact sound in cone crusher crushing chamber?
Check or replace the tension spring; moreover replace draw rod; ly check crusher cavity whether there is foreign material that cannot be crushed. If the above three are done, so it will avoid small problems in the future production.

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