In recent years, China's cone crusher market is very prosperous and competitive.What kind of jaw crusher exactly is most suitable for Chinese customers?

Recently, an ultimate showdown between ZHONGXIN XHP cone crusher and another hot sale brand is unfolding, and we will evaluate the cone crusher of the same model in capacity, production efficiency and innovative technology, and announce the performance results.

Chief engineer of ZHONGXIN XHP cone crusher said, "In China, many customers only consider the capacity when choosing the cone crusher, but ignore the production efficiency. Today we will duke it out at site."

  • ROUND 3PK various types of crushers
  • XHP PK Symons
  • In Symons cone crusher, the rotating forces of movable cone and eccentric shaft are at different sides of machine central line, while in multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, the forces are at same side. In this way, the rotating speed increases about 50% than the same specification symons cone crusher. This is a milestone innovation, especially because the rotating speed of eccentric shaft increase, and the movable cone rotate speed also increase, thus the times of stone being crushed in cavity increase, which makes it possible to get laminate crushing. Percentage of fine material becomes more and the grade is more even, and more cubic aggregate.

  • XHP PK Single
  • Mantle’s angle of single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusherr is same, so, the time which material detains in cavity is almost same. So, the faster of rotating speed, the better laminate crushing.result due to the swing speed of multi-cylinder is much faster than single cylinder meanwhile they have some same features.

    Due to the limitation of backup parts structure, the crushing cone stroke of single cylinder cone crusher is much smaller than multi-cylinder, so the crushing result has much difference.

    Although the swing speed of single cylinder is faster than symons, but far behind of multi-cylinder. The feeding materials passing speed in crushing cavity of single cylinder cone crusher is faster than symons because of the big basic angle. For the moving cone, both single cylinder and symons have the same laminating possible due to the same retention time of feeding materials in crushing cavity. But the laminate crushing result of symons is behind of single cylinder cone crusher because of the original designing of symons which needs even feeding.

  • XHP
  • Types of Cone Crusher Advantages Disadvantages Applications
    Spring Cone Crusher The cheapest of all types Poor sealing reliability;
    Lower manufacturing precision;
    Operational reliability is lower than Symons;
    Low production capacity;
    Less product fineness and more flaky shape than HP cone crusher.
    Less initial investment, less demanding on the crushed product fineness or shape.
    Symons Cone Crusher Reliable operation,Sealed with a dry oil. Less product fineness and more flaky shape than HP cone crusher. Requirements on the product fineness and shape between spring cone crusher and HP cone crusher .
    XHP Series Multi-cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher High production capacity, fine size and cubic shape.
    In the mining industry, ideal of “more crushing and less grinding” can be realized,
    reducing production cost in mining industry.
    Speed of mental is high, which needs more careful operation and maintenance. High requirements on production capacity and crushing particle size and shape.
    Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher High production capacity, simple structure, reliable operation Product size is not as fine as HP, not as good shape as XHP Suitable as secondary crushing
    Jaw Crusher Simple structure Cheap price Low production capacity. The product size is not fine enough, flakiness stone occupy a high proportion Suitable for primary crushing
    Impact Crusher Simple structure, cheap price Product shape is fine and cubic Too much dust in production; high frequency of hammer changing,operational efficiency is low and high production costs Production of high grade aggregate for high-way.

XHP series hydraulic cone crusher can be widely used for highway pavement material,sand and gravel aggregate for high speed passenger railway line, hydropower station, such as limestone, granite, gabbro, basalt, river stone, coal gangue, quartz, diabase, iron ore, copper ore, zinc ore, manganese ore, etc. Next, let's see production sites of XHP hydraulic cone crusher from all over the world.

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