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What are the functions of the thrust plate of jaw crusher?

Time: 2023-11-17 09:49:11

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As the main component of the jaw crusher, the toggle plate plays a very important role in the operation of the jaw crusher. Below we will discuss the structure of the toggle plate, its function and how to replace the toggle plate.
jaw crusher
jaw crusher

1. Toggle plate structure composition

The toggle plate of the jaw crusher can be divided into two types according to its structure: assembled type and integral type. The lining plate used in the simple pendulum jaw crusher is an assembled structure. It is assembled by connecting an toggle body and two toggle plate heads. Under this structure, when wear and tear occurs, only part of the lining plate heads need to be replaced. That’s it, which can save running costs. In application, since this kind of toggle plate is heavy, lifting rings should be designed; the integral toggle plate is used on the compound pendulum jaw crusher because its weight and size are relatively small.

Jaw Crusher

2. The function of toggle plate

As the main component of the jaw crusher, the toggle plate plays an outstanding role, mainly in the following aspects:

1. Support the movable jaw plate and transmit the crushing force to the rear wall of the frame.

2. By replacing the thrust plate with different sizes, the size of the discharge port of the crusher can be adjusted.

3. It is the safety device in the entire machine. When feeding, when too hard and difficult-to-break material blocks or metal blocks that generally cannot be broken fall into the feed, the thrust plate will break by itself to protect other parts from damage.

3. How to replace the thrust plate

When the jaw crusher is operating, the thrust plate may break due to different reasons. When the bracket is broken, it generally cannot be repaired, but should be replaced with a new bracket. So, how to correctly replace the jaw crusher toggle plate? A detailed introduction will be given below.

1. When the toggle plate is seriously worn or the front thrust plate is broken, the machine should be shut down and some repair measures should be taken. To remove the ore in the crushing cavity, remove the worn or broken toggle plate, and check whether the toggle plate on the movable jaw and connecting rod is damaged.

2. Pull the movable jaw to the vicinity of the fixed jaw, lubricate the working surface of the toggle plate with dry oil and replace it with a new toggle plate, so that it slowly contacts the working surface of the toggle plate, and tighten the horizontal pull rod to make the movable jaw Clamp the thrust plate.

3. Connect the lubrication system, and then adjust the size of the discharge port according to the actual situation to make it suitable for production.

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