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Analysis of the reasons for the reduction of stone crusher output

Time: 2023-11-06 15:08:00

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When some users use stone crushers, the output of the equipment sometimes decreases. So, what are the reasons for the decline in stone crusher production?
stone crushers
stone crushers

1. The material hardness is too high and the particle size is too large. Experienced users know that for stone crushers, the processing capabilities of the equipment are also different when crushing materials of different hardness and size. Generally speaking, materials with higher hardness and larger particle size are more difficult to process with a stone crusher, and the corresponding work efficiency will also be affected, resulting in a decrease in the output of the stone crusher.

2. The crushing force of the stone crusher affects the output. usually. The stone crusher's ability to crush materials directly affects the working efficiency of the equipment, which is also closely related to the working capacity of the equipment's hydraulic station. Therefore, when purchasing equipment, we must pay attention to the production capacity of the cone crusher hydraulic station to ensure the output of the stone plant crusher.

3. The degree of wear of the crushing chamber. In the long-term crushing production of materials by the stone crusher, it is inevitable that the crushing cavity will wear to varying degrees. If the crushing cavity is seriously worn as the crushing operation proceeds, the material cannot be broken into good interlayers, thereby greatly reducing the production capacity of the equipment and affecting the output of the crusher in the stone plant.

4. The difference in operating methods also affects the output of the stone crusher to a great extent, because if the staff cannot operate the stone crusher correctly according to the regulations during the use of the stone crusher, the material will be too much or too little. , uneven feeding, etc., will affect the output of the stone crusher. Irregular operation can also easily lead to an increase in the number of stone crusher failures, which will delay the smooth progress of the entire crushing operation and reduce the output of the stone crusher.

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