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How to control the cost of sand making machine production

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 1. Determine a reasonable production scale and purchase suitable equipment
Before purchasing machine-made sand production line equipment, the production scale and output requirements must be determined. It is also necessary to choose a suitable sand making machine manufacturer, and choose a manufacturer with strength, good reputation and responsibility. Unreasonable equipment configuration and production plan will affect the production cost of sand making.

sand making machine
2. Timely maintenance to reduce the failure rate of sand making machine
After the sand making production line is built, reasonable personnel should be allocated to regularly repair and maintain the production line equipment. A shift system can be formulated, lubricating oil should be added in time, conveyor belts should be tensioned and bolts fastened, and sand making should be checked in time. For the parts of each component of the equipment, regular maintenance can not only reduce the failure rate of the equipment, but also save maintenance costs.
3. Improve the utilization rate of materials and reduce the loss of fine sand
Production materials are a relatively high cost part of the entire production process. Therefore, increasing the utilization rate of materials to a certain extent can not only reduce the waste of machine-made sand aggregates, but also reduce production costs. Therefore, care should be taken not to waste materials during the stacking and transportation of screening materials and finished products. When using sand washing equipment to clean broken materials, attention should be paid to recycling fine sand to reduce the loss of sand and gravel during sand washing.

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