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Precautions for long-term storage of jaw crushers

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 1. The jaw crusher should be placed in a dry room. If it cannot be placed indoors, it is necessary to choose a relatively flat ground and lay wooden boards. Then cover the device with a drapery.
2. In the arrangement and layout of the placed equipment, it should be ensured that the entry and exit of any machine will not be affected by other equipment.
3. It should be said that the fuel control lever of the jaw crusher should be placed in the idle position, and all control levers should be placed in the neutral position.

 jaw crusher
  4. Before long-term storage, the machinery must be maintained, damaged parts repaired, and cleaned to keep the technical condition in good condition.
5. The battery of the jaw crusher should be removed, and the battery should be placed in a dry and frost-proof place. Keep the battery surface clean and dry. It is not allowed to place conductive objects on the battery. When removing the battery, all you need to do is to cut off the negative wire, and then cut off the positive wire; when installing, you must * install the positive wire, and then connect the negative wire. Because the electrical systems of construction machinery are all negative grounds, this is to prevent short circuits when disassembling and installing batteries. Lead-acid batteries should be charged once a month.
6. Drain the cooling water in the jaw crusher engine. Change engine oil. New engine oil is usually neutral and will not corrode the metal parts of the engine. Fill the fuel tank with diesel to avoid rusting of the fuel tank. Preservatives should also be added if conditions permit. During the shutdown period, the engine should be started once a month to drive the machine for a short distance, so that a new oil film can be established at the lubricating parts of each part to prevent rust.
  7. Before storing the jaw crusher, you should observe the size of the peeling area of the anti-rust paint on the outer surface of the equipment, and then determine whether to use the method of repairing the paint or repainting the whole machine for repair.

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