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The method of reducing the wear of the cone crusher

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 The working conditions of the cone crusher are generally very harsh, which can cause damage to the cone crusher. Improper operation and maintenance can result in damage to the cone crusher. In the production process of the cone crusher, in order to reduce wear and tear, we can do three inspections.

cone crusher
1. Check the installation of the cone crusher
The cone crusher is generally installed on a horizontal concrete foundation and fixed by foundation bolts. After the installation of the cone crusher, the operator should check whether the bolts of each component are loose and whether the door is closed. In addition, the operator should also check whether the main body of the cone crusher is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and check the power cord and control switch. After confirming that there are no problems with the above factors, conduct a no-load test on the cone crusher, and then put it into production.
2. Check the spare parts of the cone crusher
The use of the bearing directly affects the service life and operation of the cone crusher, so the operator should ensure that the cone crusher is well lubricated during the production process. Under normal circumstances, the temperature rise of the bearing should be lower than 35°C, and the high temperature should not exceed 70°C. When the bearing temperature is higher than 70°C, the operator should s* the cone crusher for processing.
Check the wear condition of the wear-resistant parts of the cone crusher, and replace the damaged parts in time, especially the frame scale plate. If the rack scale plate is damaged, the operator should replace it in time to avoid wear and tear on the cone crusher shell.
  When the cone crusher works stably, the vibration sound is no-load. If there is abnormal sound or vibration during the production process of the cone crusher, the operator should immediately s* the operation for inspection.

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