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Analysis of the Causes of Vibrating Feeder Blocking and Not Feeding

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 The vibrating feeder is the source of the entire production line. If the material is blocked and spilled, it may lead to the paralysis of the stone production line in severe cases. Therefore, it is very important to ensure the normal operation of the vibrating feeder. So what are the reasons for the blocking, spilling and non-feeding of the vibrating feeder, and how can we avoid failures and ensure the operation of the equipment?
vibrating feeder
1. From the characteristics of the material itself, the main reason for the blockage of the vibrating feeder is the high viscosity and moisture. Due to the reduced fluidity of the material, this will lead to the usual phenomenon of "wall hanging" and "shed material" after the material enters the warehouse, especially during the rainy season. The gap between the feeder iron core and the armature is too large or too small. If this happens, it will affect the feeding of the feeder because the machine cannot reach the normal amplitude.
2. It may be caused by excessive feeding, which causes the accumulation of materials in the machine base, the increase of the force of the lifting resistance screw conveyor, and the poor operation of the hopper. When encountering this situation, the amount of feeding should be reduced immediately and kept Feed evenly.
3. There is too little material in the silo. Because the material falls from a height of more than ten meters, the deeper the silo of the vibrating feeder is, the er the acceleration will be, and the er the impact will be. Therefore, under the action of gravity, a certain size of material will gradually dissipate the material at the bottom of the silo. When the material is impacted and compacted; when the material is discharged again, it is likely to be blocked.
4. Poor management of material storage points, resulting in bulk materials or foreign objects entering the warehouse. At the entrance of the silo of the vibrating feeder, the sieve opening that is not set as required is too large, causing large pieces of material or foreign matter to enter the silo, causing blockage. In the process of use, we should also pay attention not to directly press the load of the silo on the chute of the feeder, which will cause fatigue damage to the spring plate and the connecting fork for a long time, causing one of them to break.
5. Structural blockage. The silos of the vibrating feeder are made of steel plates, and their shapes are *ly conical, square cone or hyperbolic with a large upper opening and a smaller lower opening. The material flows from * to bottom in the warehouse by its own weight, and the flow section becomes smaller as it goes down, which is also a reason for blockage.
6. During the outage of the vibrating feeder transportation system corresponding to the silo, due to the long storage time in the silo and the influence of humidity, the friction between the material and the silo wall increases, resulting in blockage.
7. It may be caused by the incoordination between the various parts of the feeder, which is mainly caused by the looseness of some parts. This requires tuning adjustments to the components, adjusting the compression degree of the compression bolts of the spring plate of the machine to an appropriate level, so that the chute reaches the specified amplitude range for production.

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