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Factors Affecting the Life of Cone Crusher

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1. Stone powder content and stone humidity
When the cone crusher is working, if the content of stone powder and the humidity of the material are relatively large, it will easily adhere to the crushing wall and the mortar wall during crushing. After a long time, it will not only reduce the productivity, but also cause corrosion to the crushing wall and the mortar wall. , reducing its service life.

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2. The hardness and particle size of the stone
The higher the hardness of the stone, the harder it is to break, the er the impact load on the crushing wall and the mortar wall during production, and the correspondingly shortened service life; the larger the particle size of the stone, the more serious the wear of the liner, and the shorter the service life of the crusher .
3. The quality of broken wall and mortar wall
  A good-quality wear-resistant part has high requirements on the surface of the casting. The casting is not allowed to have cracks and casting defects such as slag inclusions, sand inclusions, cold shuts, pores, shrinkage cavities, and shrinkage cavities that affect . As the core components of the cone crusher - the crushing wall and the molar wall, their quality directly affects the capacity and life of the crusher.

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