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Cause Analysis of Bearing Locking in Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher

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 1. Improper assembly of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
1. When the single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is assembled, the assembly between the bearing outer ring and the bearing seat hole or between the bearing inner ring and the shaft is improper.

single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
 2. Improper control of bearing heating temperature during assembly of single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher.
3. Improper adjustment of bearing clearance during assembly.
In actual work, many devices can only be debugged by hand feeling sometimes, and the gap is too large or too small to meet production needs. If the axial clearance is too small, it is easy to cause the bearing to heat up, accelerate pitting, and even cause the rolling elements to get stuck or break the combination; if the axial clearance is too large, the impact force of the moving pair will increase and the stiffness will decrease, which will cause the running in production. Abnormal sound can even cause severe vibration or damage the cage.
 2. Oil seal problem
The oil seal is a sealing element used to seal the oil of the rotating shaft in mechanical equipment, and the cavity is basically static, so the oil seal is also called the rotating shaft lip seal. For the oil seal with auxiliary lip, the auxiliary lip plays a role of dust prevention and prevents the intrusion of impurities to prolong the life of the oil seal. However, the auxiliary lip is usually poorly lubricated and has high friction, causing dry friction and damaging the oil seal, so when installing a double-lip oil seal, make sure to fill the gap between the lips with grease.
3. Gap problem
During the assembly process, if the size of the gasket is not carefully checked and the assembly test is carried out, the temperature will rise rapidly after a period of time. The size of the bearing outer ring is determined by the end cover and the s* of the bearing housing. The size of the spacer is reduced, the size of the inner ring will be adjusted by the round nut, and when it is compressed, the axial clearance of the bearing will become smaller, which will cause it to generate heat during operation.

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