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Reasons for Abnormal Vibration of Multi-Cylinder Cone Crusher

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 The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher has hydraulic adjustment ability and stronger elastic recovery ability, and is also designed with insurance measures. It is mainly used for secondary or tertiary crushing in sand and gravel processing. What is the normal vibration?

multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher
The abnormal vibration of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is very harmful to the equipment, and the production capacity and efficiency will be ly reduced. Such as adjusting ring runout, rack swing, etc.
The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher requires horizontal vibration within +2mm and vertical vibration within +1mm. If the installation surface does not meet the requirements, it will cause abnormal vibration such as rack swing. It has two installation surfaces, one is the basic installation surface, that is, the installation plane of the vibration damping block; the other is the installation plane of the rack. The flatness of the two installation planes should be within 2mm, and those that do not meet the requirements can be adjusted with steel plates.
The jumping of the adjustment ring of the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher is an obvious manifestation of overload. When the crusher is overloaded, the adjusting ring moves upward, and the discharge port accelerates the discharge of materials in the crushing chamber, reducing the load of the crusher. After the load of the crusher is reduced, the adjusting ring will move downward and return to its original position. When the crusher is continuously overloaded, the adjustment ring will keep reciprocating up and down, and the intuitive is the beating of the adjustment ring.

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