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How to reduce dust pollution of sand making machine

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 When the sand making machine is dealing with quarry resources, it will generate a lot of dust, which will cause pollution to the environment and harm to human health. Users have to solve it. How to effectively deal with the large amount of dust generated by the sand making machine? Solve the crusher dust problem.

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1. The dust at the corner of the belt conveyor of the sand making machine is limited by the site conditions. The chute and dust cover cannot be replaced. The arrangement of the dust removal process makes the dust cover in a state of slight negative pressure to eliminate the dust of the belt conveyor.
2. Strengthen the management of dust removal equipment of sand making machines, regularly check the sealing condition of dust cover, find problems in time, evaluate the target management of post environmental dust removal and bag filter, regularly detect dust, and improve the dust removal equipment of stone crusher. Maintenance levels reduce dust contamination to low levels.
Only by continuously improving the production process of the sand making machine can the dust problem in the sand making process of the sand making machine be reduced. The maintenance and cleaning of the sand making machine must be adhered to every day in order to effectively solve the dust pollution problem of the sand making machine.

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