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How to reduce the wear of sand making machine

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 The sand making machine is specially used for materials with strict requirements in grain shape, particle size, support force, process or many other ranges. Due to its own operation reasons, it is often exposed to wind, sun and rain, reducing the overall use Efficiency, how to reduce the wear of sand making machine? In the daily maintenance, the wear parts are replaced, and the main body of the rotor is repaired by welding. Therefore, the correct analysis of the wear condition of the sand making machine, the replacement standard, and the maintenance method are also strictly stipulated.

sand making machine
Orientation: It is used to fix the hammer, plate hammer and impact plate, and the cooperation with the motor reaches the state. Bearings are also important components, and the sand making machine is connected to the drive through a rotating device. Regularly add lubricating oil to the bearing to efficiently reduce the wear between components and increase the service life.
Rotor: It drives the high-speed rotating parts of the sand making machine. The rotor *, inner and lower edges are prone to wear during the entire production period. Friction and impact between materials are also the main reasons for rotor wear, especially when the stone is wet, or has a fine particle size and is highly abrasive. In addition, if the rotor is unbalanced during operation, vibration will occur, resulting in wear of the rotor and rotor bearings.
Impact block: In the production of sand making machine, the wear degree is very serious, which is caused by improper selection of impact block materials, unreasonable structural parameters and unsuitable material properties. There are corresponding accessories for each type of sand making machine. If the hardness of the material exceeds the bearing range of the sand making machine, the friction between the material and the impact block will increase, resulting in the wear of the impact block. In addition, the gap between the impact block and the impact plate needs to be adjusted.
Whether it is "stone-on-stone" or "stone-on-iron", the movement form and force of the material in the rotor are the same: the material enters from the center of the rotor, and is thrown to the crushing cavity through the material distribution plate, the material guide plate, the material throwing head, etc. The parts in the rotor are in direct contact with the material and are easy to wear. Therefore, the wear resistance is directly related to the replacement cost and operating efficiency.

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