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The method to solve the substandard discharge of jaw crusher

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 For the production process of the jaw crusher, whether it is the occurrence of failure, the analysis of the reason for the decline in output, or the solution of unreasonable discharge, it is an important operation in production. These operations are to ensure The benefits of production, different phenomena are caused by different reasons, here are the following four points to introduce the problems caused by the phenomenon that the material is not up to standard.
jaw crusher
1. Crushing ratio
The crushing ratio refers to the ratio of the imported material and the particle size of the crushed finished product. The larger the ratio, the larger the crushing ratio, and vice versa. For the production process of the jaw crusher, if the crushing ratio is large, the needle flake content Therefore, in production, the adjustment of the crushing ratio is an important measure to ensure the discharge. Of course, the crushing ratio is too small. The choice of ratio needs to be appropriate.
2. Feed particle size
For jaw crushers, different types or models can process different sizes of incoming materials. If the incoming granularity is not suitable, it will also cause the phenomenon of substandard output quality.
3. Cyclic load
The working process of the jaw crusher is carried out in a closed-circuit cycle. If the discharge port is increased, the load in the cycle will be increased, and the grain shape of the stone will become better. However, when the discharge port is enlarged, the load of the main crushing motor can be reduced, and the shape of the finished material is better. Therefore, it is very important to adjust the cyclic load in production.
4. Open and closed loop
In the production of jaw crusher, the circulation is divided into circuit circulation and closed circuit circulation. The former is called * screening and then crushing, and the latter is called * crushing and then screening. First screening and then crushing means that the crushed materials are * passed through the finished product screen. After screening, it enters the feed port of the secondary crusher for crushing, so that the output of the finished material increases, and the content of needle flakes also increases. First crushing and then screening means that all the crushed materials enter the jaw crusher feed port. The whole system is a closed system, and the choice of open circuit or closed circuit can be carried out according to the needs of production.

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