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Maintenance of cone crusher in sand and gravel production line

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 The maintenance of cone crusher generally includes two main parts: lubrication and maintenance. Regular attention and timely lubrication of the friction surface can ensure the normal operation of the machine and prolong its service life.

cone crusher
In terms of maintenance, the cone crusher should regularly check and replace parts, perform regular maintenance, and keep a log of equipment maintenance. When crushing harder materials, the wear of the equipment is more obvious. Therefore, a detailed service life test should be established for the frequently worn parts of the cone crusher, so as to know the operating limit of the equipment.
The cone crusher can start the crusher after confirming that there is no material in the crushing chamber. The starting sequence in the entire sand making production line is dust collector (optional), discharge conveyor, cone crusher, feed conveyor, Vibrating feeder, etc. To prevent steel items or parts from falling into the crushing cavity, a detection iron removal device can be installed behind the vibrating feeder when conditions permit.
Adjust the feeding amount of the feeder and gradually increase it from small to large. Generally, the height of the material in the crushing cavity should be controlled to be four-fifths of the height of the crushing cavity. It should also be noted that the feeding particle size does not stain more than five times the width of the feeding port. Four out of four, the feeding particle size is continuous and uniform, and the cone crusher can function normally.

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