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Maintenance and maintenance of circular vibrating screen

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  The motion trajectory of the circular vibrating screen box is a circle, which is suitable for the screening of coal, limestone, crushed stone, gravel, metal or non-metal ores and other materials.

circular vibrating screen
The operator must strictly follow the requirements of the operating instructions of the circular vibrating screen, use the equipment correctly, and do a good job in the daily work of cleaning, lubrication, fastening and anti-corrosion of the equipment, so as to keep the equipment in a state of good , safety and reliability. Always refuel, add No. 3 lithium base grease twice a week, check the vibration motor for abnormal sound and abnormal heating. The temperature limit of the motor bearing part is 40°C higher than the ambient temperature. If it is abnormal, add No. 3 lithium Base grease lubricating oil or replace bearings. After 1500 hours of operation, the vibration motor should check and wash the oil seals and bearings. If there is any damage, they should be replaced immediately. In addition, minor repairs and maintenance should be carried out every 3 months, and once every 6-12 months. Overhaul, disassembly and repair of the motor should be operated by technicians with professional knowledge.
 When the circular vibrating screen is running, it is necessary to check whether the fasteners are loose, and regularly check whether the cable from the vibration motor to the power switch is worn (replace the lead of the vibration motor every two or three months). If necessary, replace the cable and check the grounding. Whether the line is in good condition, it is strictly forbidden to run the motor without items.

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