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Factors Affecting the Life of Spring Cone Crusher

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 Spring cone crusher is one of the * common stone crushers and plays an important role in large-scale production lines. Because the spring cone crusher is frequently used in work, there are many operation steps to pay attention to in the later maintenance, otherwise it will affect the life of the spring cone crusher.

Spring Cone Crusher
The outstanding features of the spring cone crusher are high production efficiency, low energy consumption in the production process, and can be suitable for the crushing of medium and high strength materials. Most of the crushed materials are needle-shaped and basically medium-sized. When selecting crusher equipment, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of each crusher equipment in detail, so as to carry out reasonable matching according to the characteristics of different crushers, so that the entire production line can achieve high production efficiency. 
The operation of the cone crusher is very simple and the maintenance is also relatively convenient. The production environment of cone crusher is often harsh, and dust is flying all over the sky, so how can we use it to make the cone crusher last long? 
The correct operation method can make the cone crusher more stable. When we use the cone crusher for operation, we should make preparations before the operation, check whether the screws are loose, whether the tightness of the belt is appropriate, whether the motor is normal, the feeding port, Whether the size of the discharge port is adjusted properly. Then during the operation of the cone crusher, we should pay attention to the temperature of the bearing regularly. The bearing temperature should not be too high, and the temperature should be kept below 50 degrees. At the same time, pay attention to the uniform feeding, and check whether the discharge port is blocked. After that, when the machine is s*ped, the feeding should be s*ped *, and the motor should be turned off to s* the operation after the material in the crushing chamber of the cone crusher is crushed. 
Regular maintenance is an important secret to the durability of a spring cone crusher. To do a good job in the maintenance of the wearing parts of the cone crusher will also do a good job in the maintenance of the cone crusher to a large extent. Cone crushing wearing parts such as cone crushing wall, cone rolling mortar wall, cone bearing and cone bushing should be regularly checked for damage and replaced in time. At the same time, clean up the ore sand and dust accumulated on the cone crusher in time, and do a good job in lubricating the bearings of the cone crusher. Correct use and regular maintenance can make the spring cone crusher long service life.

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