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What are the wear and tear of cone crusher?

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 The wear and tear of crusher equipment during use is inevitable, especially in the use of cone crushers, due to the ity of its production work, wear and tear is very obvious. It will seriously affect the entire production process, and the production efficiency of the production line will be ly reduced. The wear of cone crusher equipment is mainly divided into two aspects.

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1. Natural wear usually refers to the change of the geometry and size of the parts of the machine caused by the friction between the parts of the machine during the normal use and operation of the machine. This part of the wear is usually slow, and the damage will not be caused in the short term.
However, due to the wear of the device, the mechanical contact gap between the parts will increase. After a long period of wear and tear, the parts that should have been combined to work together will not be well combined due to the increased gap due to wear and tear. , which will seriously affect the production efficiency of the cone crusher equipment, and at the same time, if the worn parts cannot be replaced in time, it may even cause damage to other components, resulting in more destructive damage to the cone crusher equipment.
2. Premature wear is mainly due to the unreasonable structure of the machine itself, the poor quality of the materials used for individual parts, the substandard manufacturing quality of some parts, and the damage caused by incorrect installation and wrong equipment operation. After multiple analysis, it is concluded that the cone crusher belongs to heavy industrial equipment, and the loss caused by wear during the use process is relatively large. Therefore, in the use process of the cone crusher, it is necessary to timely maintain the easily worn parts and repair the defective parts. replace. Only when we find problems during use and deal with them in time can we ensure the high efficiency and normal operation of the cone crusher.

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