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Why does the cone crusher suddenly stop?

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 1. Improper amount of lubricating oil added
When the cone crusher is lubricating, the amount of lubricating oil added will increase the friction torque, while the amount of lubricating oil is too small, and the lubricating effect will not be achieved at all. In addition, lubricating oil containing impurities, failure or not meeting the needs of the equipment is also It will make the cone crusher equipment unable to obtain a good lubrication effect.

cone crusher
2. Blocked or difficult-to-break materials enter
Too much feed in the cone crusher, or the feeding characteristics do not meet the requirements, will cause the cone crusher to block the material, make the crusher work current too large, the circuit will automatically protect and s*, and may even cause the cone crusher to lock up and be forced to s* condition.
In addition, when the cone crusher feeds iron, due to the hardness of the iron pieces, the press will be stuck between the moving and fixed cone lining plates, and the pressure will increase instantaneously at the moment of crushing, and the power will also increase immediately. Excessive wear of the damaged parts, deformation of the bushing, locking of the safety coupling, etc.
3. Spindle fracture
There are two reasons for the fracture of the main shaft of the cone crusher. The structure is unreasonable. When the interference between the mating surface of the main shaft and the moving cone is relatively large, or there is no unloading groove, it will cause the main shaft to generate stress concentration, the bearing capacity is too large, and the main shaft will be fatigued, which will lead to damage. In addition, when the design of the main shaft is relatively small, the problem of "over-iron" is prone to occur, which will lead to breakage; the manufacturing quality is unqualified. In the manufacturing process of the spindle, the heat treatment work is not well done, and the material is general, which reduces the compression resistance of the spindle. Once it encounters an unbreakable object, it is easy to break the spindle. In addition, problems such as lubrication, iron overloading, and equipment aging are also one of the reasons why the spindle may break.
The above three reasons are mutual influence and interaction, and ly the cone crusher will suddenly s*. After knowing the cause, targeted customized measures can effectively avoid sudden downtime.

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