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What should I do if the jaw crusher has cracks?

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 Common faults of the movable jaw of jaw crushers generally refer to cracks, fractures, bearing hole grinding deviation, bearing pad groove wear or deviation, and connection screw tripping and so on. During the working process, the movable jaw crack of the jaw crusher generally appears in the lower part of the machine. The repair sequence is:

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1. Check the size and shape of the crack. If you are not sure whether there are cracks, you can * scrub the uncertain parts with kerosene, and then use white powder or other powder with a relatively large difference in color to coat it. After a while, you can see the cracks.
2. Mark the position of the crack, and punch a small hole of about 6mm at both ends or the inner end of the crack. The height of the hole is slightly larger than that of the crack.
3. For the welding groove, the appropriate groove can be determined according to the crack profile. Generally, a "V" shape is welded on one side or an "X" shape is welded on both sides.
4. The material of the electrode depends on the material of the jaw crusher's movable jaw, and try to choose a material similar to that of the movable jaw.
5. Preheating treatment, before starting welding, preheat around the crack to 300-600℃.
6. In order to ensure the density and strength of the welding, hammering is carried out after each layer of welding to ensure the quality.
7. It is also possible to increase the measures of repair welding steel plate or section steel to improve its connection strength and ensure the welding effect.

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