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How to prevent oil leakage of cone crusher

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 1. Ensure that the cone crusher equipment is well sealed: the quality of the sealing structure design is related to the sealing effect and the life of the sealing ring. The sealing effect of the sealing ring depends on the correctness of the size of the installation groove. The installation groove of the sealing ring is too deep, the compression of the sealing ring is not enough, and the sealing effect cannot be achieved. Therefore, the sealing structure should be reasonably designed and processed to ensure the sealing of the sealing device. Correctly install the sealing ring to ensure that the equipment is well sealed. Do not install the seal with angular tools to prevent scratching the seal and avoid stretching it into a deformed position. The sealing ring can be properly lubricated for installation.

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2. Inspection during production: Regularly check whether the filter of the cone crusher is blocked or damaged, and replace the kinked oil discharge pipeline to ensure the smoothness of the oil return pipeline. At the same time, pay attention to cleaning the ventilation hood on the side of the cone crusher drive shaft frame, and use compressed air to purge the long core hole on the drive shaft frame connecting the ventilation hood; check whether the gap between the inner wall of the oil pool of the main base and the oil retaining ring on the counterweight is Reasonable, prevent the lubricating oil splashing between each other from forming an oil seal, thereby causing oil leakage of the cone crusher.
3. It is forbidden to increase the temperature of the lubricating oil: the increase of the lubricating oil temperature will easily reduce the viscosity of the oil and accelerate the aging of the sealing components, thereby causing serious oil leakage. Therefore, we should prohibit the increase of lubricating oil temperature. The heat dissipation effect of the fuel tank can be improved by increasing the heat dissipation area of ​​the fuel tank. If necessary, a cooler can be added to reduce the lubricating oil temperature.

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