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How to improve the output of impact crusher

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 The output of the impact crusher is different, and the impact is also different. Paying attention to these external factors can ly increase the output of the impact crusher. Here's how an impact crusher can increase production:

impact crusher
1. Feeding speed
In the production process of the impact crusher, if the feeding speed is too fast or too slow, the output will be reduced, so it must be continuous, uniform and stable to ensure the production of the equipment.
2. Raw material particle size
If the feeding particle size of the impact crusher is 500mm, the particle size of the raw material cannot exceed this value, otherwise it will increase the wear and tear of the equipment, shorten the service life, and the output per hour will not meet the expected requirements.
3. Equipment quality
The impact crusher has a higher configuration in terms of feed particle size, output per hour and power. The higher the configuration, the more wear-resistant, the more the core components can be crushed, the stronger the processing capacity of the machine, and the higher the output per hour.
In addition, the output of the impact crusher is not only related to the of the equipment itself, but also to the production habits of the operators and the humidity of the crushed materials. The more skilled the manual operation, the better the normal operation of the machine is controlled, and the higher the output per hour. The lower the moisture content of the material, the more stable the crushing, and the higher the output per hour.

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