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The use of vibrating screen in crushing production line

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The vibrating screen is mainly responsible for the screening and grading of materials in the crushing and sand making production line, and plays the role of connection and transfer in the entire crushing and crushing operation process. Although the vibrating screen does not look very conspicuous in the whole set of crushing equipment, it is also one of the main equipment in material crushing and sand making operations. So, what are the main uses of vibrating screens in crushing or sand making operations? How to choose when purchasing?

vibrating screen

1. Material pretreatment. If the overall particle size of the crushed material is quite different, in order to make the feed particle size meet the standard, screening and grading treatment is carried out; for the material with small particle size, it can also be sieved once before crushing and sand making to initially reduce crushing. The content of mud powder in the material.

2. Secondary screening. After the material has undergone primary crushing and secondary crushing, it is necessary to further screen and classify the material. If the particle size reaches the processing standard, it will continue to enter the next stage of crushing or sand making. If the particle size does not meet the standard, return to continue crushing until it meets the requirements The particle size standard for the next processing step.

3. Mud powder screening. After the sand is made, the materials are usually sand washed. The sewage after sand washing is mixed with mud powder. In order to recycle the fine sand and dust lost during the sand washing process, a vibrating screen can be configured to clean the sediment in the sedimentation tank. The mud powder is screened and collected.

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